Giordano Lahaderne

April 8, 2008

Post #2389 – 20080408

When I was a kid I read Lizard Music and it CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER!!!

I used to always ask the librarian to help me find the book on the shelf, and I would feel embarrassed because she always seemed so annoyed with me.

I am now a high school English teacher and I want a nice copy of Lizard Music to call my own! The one with the neon pink cover like I remember! I search the local Goodwills and Salvation Armies but to NO AVAIL!

Anyway, I think I will steal a copy from the local elementary school! I wanted to share this with you because I blame you for the crime I may commit! THAT IS ALL!

Giordano Lahaderne

Daniel replies:

So you tell me this why? You want me to condone your swiping a book, (and an out-of-print and difficult-to-replace one at that), from a place where actual kids may find it and get the same benefit you derived? I have done what I can. I have caused a free-of-charge reading of the book to be available in the Audio Archive, connected to the Pinkwater Podcast section of this very website. I have asked my agent to to find a publisher to reprint it, and also to look into bringing it out as a graphic novel. I am making myself accessible to movie producers who want to adapt it. And, in fact, there is a copy of the original hardcover with the lurid red cover and the linoleum cut art out there on Ebay, or in the next used bookstore, and you can buy it for a trifling amount and not be a criminal. Let us keep this matter on a high moral plane.