Tomi Krugel

April 4, 2008

Post #2388 – 20080404

Mr. Pinkwater,

I hope that you received the book I sent you. My name is Tomi Krugel, K-9, and my brother Serpico also sent you a book. I hope you enjoy what I had to say. My Dad (human) is a big fan of Scott Simon and you. Remember … we, dogs, will inherit the earth … but we will and do not want to rule it.

God Bless America,

Tomi Krugel, K-9

Daniel replies:

Dogs write to me! Yes, got the book. Thank you. Of course it doesn't fall into my area for writing or talking about, so what we will do is enjoy it, and then make sure it goes into deserving and appreciative hands. I'd pass your message on to Lulu, but she is a huge flirt, likes dogs in uniform, and has already gotten our local K-9 to ignore commands when she is in view. (He now recognizes my car!)