Steven J DeYoung

January 31, 2008

Post #2353 – 20080131

One of my two sons has just received prescription eye glasses for the first time in his young life. He is very excited, and really couldn’t be happier about this event. His twin brother is taking his lack of lenses well, but feels a tad left behind. This seems to be the inverse of what my peers reaction would be when I was a lad, in the 1970s. Do you recall how you felt when you first joined the ranks of the bespectaled? Was it like a Cubs’ three game win streak, or like a Ukrainian tugboat pilot losing his hat in March?

Daniel replies:

I plan to write about this someday. Meanwhile, ask the optician for a pair of cheapest frames for your non-corrected twin, have the maker's name if any removed from the demo or plano lenses that come with the frame, and there he is, happy. Or buy him a pair of shades, and he can be cool and happy.