Sara Wilson Etienne

February 3, 2008

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I’m a writer and I am dedicating the month of February to writing Valentines to my favorite children’s book writers and illustrators. Because of your wonderfully bizarre brilliance, I wanted you to be my very first Valentine:) Here’s the text:

Bizarre words delight.

Like a spell cast by lizards.

Music to my ears.

To the Great Daniel Pinkwater,

Thank you for filling my childhood with dancing popsicles, bands of lizards, and dangerous avocados. You taught me how to delve into the moonscape of my imagination and claim it as my own. Your stories lead me on journeys I never could have dreamed of, inspiring me to dream

farther and write my own stories. Thank you for the indescribably delicious books you’ve created.

Your ever enthralled fan, Sara Wilson Etienne

It can be seen in full color on my blog at:

Thanks again so much and Happy Valentines day! Sara

Daniel replies:

Wow! I have gotten some valentines in my time--well, no, actually I haven't, but this would be the best one if I ever had.