January 28, 2008

Post #2352 – 20080128


I am looking for book recommendations for a 2nd grader (almost 8) who loves science fiction and isn’t quite up to reading Harry Potter and similar level books yet. Blue Moose seems to be just about exactly the right level of challenge (not to mention the fact that my smiling muscles get a very aerobic workout every time I read it).

My first thought, of course, was _The Muffin Fiend_. What other of your books could tickle his science fiction tastes?

Thank you absurdly much–for this advice and for all that you write!


Daniel replies:

You know, you could almost pick any book of mine out of a hat. I mean, supposing you had a hat of sufficient size to contain all my books. I can't guarantee that this 2nd grader will like a particular title, but--possibly short of the long novels, (and possibly not)--he can probably ""handle"" most of them. Experiment--go with what's available and see what works.