January 26, 2008

Post #2351 – 20080126

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I grew up on your books. I have a weird literary crush on two people– you, and Susan Sontag, and you have the extra advantage of being alive. I once thought you invented Dada. Now I’m twenty-one, and even though I am allergic to beer, I need to go to a beergarden. Suggestions? I really, really want one surrounded by defunct train cars.

thank you,


Daniel replies:

I agree, that is some weird literary and Susan Sontag. Now I need to go to a beergarden. (Though I should say that for a certain period Sontag's and my name appeared together on certain lists, posters and programs--a book fair here, a phony-gold academic medal there. I made a point of not speaking to her or making eye contact with her, for the usual reasons, and also not to rub in to what low company she had sunk. Later, I stopped turning up at literary events, chili cook-offs and greased pig chases, so never saw her again). I don't know if there is a beergarden scene in New Haven--but I bet there was one way too long ago to do you any good. You can wait for spring and take a six pack into someone's back yard--preferably someone you know.