Elizabeth Lear

December 16, 2007

Post #2340 – 20071216

It may just be that I’m easily confused or that there’s some sort of parallel universe thing going on at the Bayone, NJ, zoo, but I have a question about polar bears:

Why is it that in the Larry books the polar bears at the zoo are Roy (Larry’s brother), Bear Number 1, and Bear Number 3, while from Irving and Muktuk’s point of view, they and Larry’s brother Roy are the three bears in residence?

Thanks for your help on this …

Daniel replies:

It's very simple--Bear Number One, and Bear Number Three, are their zoo names. Presumably, Roy's name for official purposes is Bear Number Two. Similarly, I am known to government agencies as Space Alien 37962W. (Webmaster Ed: should I not reveal that in this forum?)