ruben mclaughlin

December 19, 2007

Post #2341 – 20071219

Hello.Mr.Pinkwater. My friend Joey(a major fan of yours) gave me a copy of Lizard Music,and i was hooked.He recently got a tattoo with your likeness, i was wondering if youve gotten alot of that? I would like to send you a picture of it,and if you could please sign our books. If you dont want to help me thats fine, but ,do it for him. THink of all the pain you have caused him, tattoo guns don’t feel like cotton candy you know. We have also written a song about lizard music and would like to send you a copy. The song will either make you laugh or you can use it, amplified,to chase squirrels or vacuum salesmen off of your property. Thank you and enjoy the buffet.

Ruben Mclaughlin

Daniel replies:

I think I would rather not see a tattoo in my likeness. But I will sign books, and send them back, if there is a postpaid return mailer.... easier is to arrange to have me sign a small piece of paper, like a bookplate, which you can paste in, and save me a trip to the post office. Ed the webmaster will guide you.

Ruben, check out this page for more info! --Ed