Lea Blander

December 16, 2007

Post #2339 – 20071216

Dear Daniel Pinkwater,

I love your stories. I’ve read 12 of them so far in December because my class theme is Author Studies. And you’re our author.

I like the book that you wrote, The Big Orange Splot. After my class read it, we made our own dream homes. I bet they looked like some other home that you wouldn’t find usually.

I hope I get to see you one day.

Love, Lea

Summers-Knoll School

Miss Elaine Neeland’s K-1 class

Daniel replies:

Thank you for reading my stories. I like to write them, and I suppose I would still write them if nobody read them...but it is so much nicer when people do...and nicer yet when they tell me they like them!