December 14, 2007

Post #2338 – 20071214

Hello Mr. Pinkwater–

I happened upon The Education of Robert Nifkin today in the library and read it with much delight, having not thought about your books since 9th grade or so (I know: I am a terrible person). I remember happening upon Young Adult Novel when I was in 6th grade and loving it, and reading all the other Pinkwater books the school (and public) library had. Thanks for writing such great books.

P.S. Is the Kevin Shapiro mentioned in The Education of Robert Nifkin THE Kevin Shapiro? I don’t think it could be, because, if I recall correctly, YAN was set in the 80s– but it would make me very happy if it was.

Daniel replies:

Well, I want you to be happy--so I will explain that time is flexible, specially in works of fiction. Literalism and temporalism can block enjoyment.