Mary Gomez

December 6, 2007

Post #2337 – 20071206

Daniel and Jill,

I’m so sorry I couldn’t hear the two of you speak at FDR today (12/8). I had to be in Harlem for an event for kids.

In any case, I had wanted my tall blond husband (with the two boys who really liked your reading today) to ask you about the tune for something in an older book (Spaceburger…). Whenever I read the book I always wondered what tune you had in mind when Kevin Spoon and Marvin sing “Lovely Ravioli”. I just kind of do some ditty, but I bet you had something in mind. What was it?

Mary Gomez

p.s. We finished reading chapter 1 of Neddie tonight and it is great! I wish I had known that you were also putting the chapters out online ahead of time. That is so nice! Thank you!

p.p.s. Since we live in Poughkeepsie, I am looking forward to trying your sandwich.

You guys are great!

Daniel replies:

He started to ask the question, but the answer got lost in the confusion. Actually, I made up the tune for Lovely Ravioli in my very own head. You can hear it, (when I get around to recording Spaceburger), in the Audio Archives section attached to the Podcast section, of this very website.