Sandro Segalini

September 28, 2007

Post #2296 – 20070928

Myself? Not too much. It’s about my daughter. A never-a-thought-left-unspoken child. Raised abroad. Now brilliant as a high school teacher, spouse & mother, she has published a book “Jackie Tempo And The Emperor’s Seal” initially targeted for pre-teens but in my dotage I loved it too. Available in Borders, Barnes & Noble and local bookstores will order it too. How may I persuade you to read it? Could I send a copy to you? Thanks,


ps…l pause whenever you are on my NPR station and have never been disappointed by your commentaries. Bravo.

Daniel replies:

Parents and (professional) publicists: Writing to me here is of no avail. I will look at all books duly sent to me by publishers, and some very few of those will fill the very few slots for books-for-review on the radio program.