Charles Wimmer

September 27, 2007

Post #2295 – 20070927

Last weekend, I saw a documentary about Maxwell Street in Chicago. Needless to say, I am a Chicagoan and you are a former one. In this film, I swear I saw The Chicken Man. Most of the audience was older folks, many of them remember The Chicken Man. The film shows him taking off his hat and there is a chicken underneath it. He hypnotizes the chicken, seems a little odd- perhaps medically, and there is another scene with the police asking him to leave.

My question, of course is:

Is The Chicken Man from Lizard Music based on this guy? or his he purely a product of your imagination? It seems too coincidental to be conincidental.


your loyal reader,


Daniel replies:

Wait! The chicken man, sometimes known as Humphrey Popcorn, was a real person? That would account for the photograph I have! I had a friend who drove a cab and would see the chicken man in all parts of town, sometimes in a single day. He was convinced that the CM was an eccentric millionaire.