Daniel Pincus

September 21, 2007

Post #2294 – 20070921


Several years ago, I heard your encomium to a spanakopita at a Greek cafe near Hyde Park. I am the High Holiday cantor at the Vassar Temple in Poughkeepsie. What is the place called and where is it?

A wonderful year for you and your loved ones,


Daniel replies:

What a euphonious appellation! Dan Pincus, Dan Pincus--one just wants to say it over and over....for some strange reason. Anyway, the Greek spanakopita place is gone. It's like that around here. People give up easy, or never bother trying. Said establishment was lovingly created, somehow attracted a wonderful Greek chef from the city. Chef left, owner was bored by then, quality sunk, then place was taken over by hapless fools, incapable of making a fried egg on toast sandwich and cup of coffee, (I witnessed this), and now seems totally defunct. Anyway, this is not the day to seek spinach--for you. Vassar Temple is a nice place. Make with the song, praising God--spinach, flaky crust and melty cheese will be provided to the righteous.