Nathaniel Rounds

August 20, 2007

Post #2278 – 20070820

First of all, I have never dreamed about authors before–until last night. It was disturbing. I had invited you and your wife Jill to my home for supper, for today, Monday the 20th, August, at 4:30 PM. I called you and confirmed everything, and looked at my calender a couple of times. Then I started to panic, because I realized you were traveling all the way to New Hampshire for this and we have no room for you to sleep over. I also realized I have an appointment at 7pm I can’t get out of. I also realized that I had not discussed this with my wife. So I am writing to you to say that I may have to change the date and time for now, and hope this doesn’t mess up your plans–in YOUR dream state, anyway.

Daniel replies:

It is fortuitous that you told me this. I am a trained, and fully not-quite qualified psychotherapist, and thus able to interpret and explain your dream. It means: You should play number 224. (This is a free service of and is offered solely for entertainment).