August 19, 2007

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Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Many winters ago, well a couple years at least, I discovered the four and five book collections of your work. I read them, fell deeply in love with the stories, forgot them for some time, found them again and loved their previously undiscovered quirks and connections that caught my slightly older eye. My question is simply that where can I get more? You’re books have probably been one of my biggest influences in my growing up and now I long to find more of these smart, witty and goofy tales which I have loved so much. I have been unable to find a Pinkwater well (pardon the terrible pun, I’m sure you’ve heard it before) in Canada. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you regardless for the sheer love of reading your books have instilled in me.

Sincerely and Respectfully,


Daniel replies:

Where can you get more? You mean beside public libraries, school libraries, booksellers, (both local three-dimensional ones, and online purveyors), Ebay, thrift shops, garage sales, seized property rooms of police and sheriff's departments, book departments in chain stores such as WalMart, some pharmacies, airport bookstands, waiting rooms of some medical and dental practitioners, day rooms in psychiatric hospitals, the archives of the Disney Corporation, the Vatican and the Library of Congress? Also, in the instance of at least one book, this very website, and if you made friends with Torontonian Webmaster Ed, he might be foolish enough to lend you a book. I can't think of any other sources at the moment. Most people have the opposite problem to yours, and want to know how to avoid running across them.