Benjamin Ness

August 21, 2007

Post #2280 – 20070821

I read the snark out books over and over when I was a kid. DMP is my fave writer / large mammal.

I got older and tried going to college but mostly I just hung out at this sprawling used bookstore in Detroit called John King. I learned how much fun it can be to discover and redistribute treasure. Books have a life of their own.

My mom teaches first grade in Detroit and every year she reads the Big Orange Splot to her kids and has them draw their dream homes. My dream is to open a used bookstore in Chicago. I want to call it Plumbean Books.

If this is okay I will get you a subscription to one of those societies where they send an interesting cheese to your home every month.


Ben Ness

Daniel replies:

The cheese-a-month might get ahead of me. At one time I used to negotiate a ""fruit clause"" in contracts, and once got a whole year of monthly baskets of deluxe pears and such. Good luck, I hope you open Plumbean Books.