Dale Wilbanks

July 16, 2007

Post #2262 – 20070716

The boys and I just read Fat Men from Outer Space again. It is their favorite bedtime book. I first read it when I was 11 years old, and nearly 30 years later, I still enjoy this delightful story. I’m really wondering what William ended up doing with the space jacket. Maybe he put it back on and floated to Spiegel?

We have over 1000 books in our personal library (we’re homeschoolers), and I’m proud to own my own copy of Fat Men from Outer Space. It fits nicely on the shelf with all the Roald Dahl and David Shannon books 🙂

Thanks for helping to make our world a fun place to be a kid!

Daniel replies:

Everyone calls it Fat Men from OUTER Space, but it's without the outer. Glad you enjoy it unto the next generation.