Mark Steiner

July 14, 2007

Post #2260 – 20070714

Mister Pinkwater–may I call you Daniel?

I’ve been a fan for years. I would be content to be just that, but I have recently suffered a personal disaster of the first order, and wonder if you might be of assistance.

Do you remember a little radio play entitled ‘Wampyrs’ you did for NPR, I think for Halloween 1996? Starring yourself, Ceaudreasceau, and Nina Totenberg? (Or was it Susan Standberg?)

Well, I counted myself fortunate enough to have listened to it on my way home from work that evening over ten years ago, and even more so to have arrived at home in time to record it in the following repeat segment.

But alas, a few weeks ago, as I inserted the treasured cassette tape into the ancient player to regale a friend with its transcendent wonderfulness…

(ominous piano rumble)

The tape player ate it. Ate it good. Munched it to oblivion.

I have since searched everywhere for a link, a purchaseable recording…something…but not even the NPR archives seems to have it.

It would be a shame if this funny and touching radio play was lost for all eternity.

Thank you so much,

Mark Steiner.

Daniel replies:

Sorry to have to tell you, but this funny and touching radio play has been lost for all eternity. What's more, I don't remember it at all! Must have been hilarious. And you say Codrescu was in it? I wouldn't mind having a copy myself. That network used to be such fun.