Dan Plumer

July 9, 2007

Post #2257 – 20070709

Mr. Pinkwater,

I just downloaded The Neddiad on “book on mp3” from audible.com and it was amazing! Apart from the Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death which is still my favorite book of all time, The Neddiad is runner up. There is no writing like yours, Mr. Pinkwater! Along with your writing, your names are so funny. I mean Wentworthstein? Sandor Eucoliptus? (I don’t know if I spelled those right, listing to to the book and all.)

Mr. Pinkwater, you rock out loud!

Your Fan,


Daniel replies:

Besides thanking you for your kind words, I have only to add that I once tried to buy a house in Topsham, Maine, but couldn't get a bank to give me a mortgage, 'cause of me being a writer, even though I earned a fair amount of money in those days. (I later caught on, and filled out an application listing my occupation as ""dog trainer,"" which is why I own my own home today). Let this be a lesson to everybody.