Gabe Young

July 10, 2007

Post #2258 – 20070710

Hey Daniel,

Recently, all the libraries in our county closed down. The one in my city, Ashland, Oregon needed 3 million to keep running for one year.

A couple weeks before it closed, I checked out all the books in your name from the library, over 35 I belive and read ’em all. I am a huge fan. How can I read your books with no way to check them out of a library? Keep writing more books,

Sincerely, Gabe Young

Daniel replies:

""Jackson County Library Services, OR, a 15-library system, was set to close April 7, after the U.S. Congress failed to renew the Secure Rural Schools and Self-Determination Act, which would have reinstated timber subsidies and provided more than 70 percent of the system