Friendly Rich

July 7, 2007

Post #2256 – 20070707

A few years back I proposed working on a puppet opera called Lizard Music, based on the fine tale by Mr. Pinkwater.

Mr. Pinkwater had emailed me back suggesting I buy an ice cream truck, and put on puppet operas from the side of the truck, but to stay far the hell away from using Lizard Music in this way.

Although I’m still working on the ice cream truck/puppet opera dream, I return for a second asking to perhaps work with you in developing this fine piece as a full-length puppet opera.

For more info on my music, visit I would also gladly send you some of my prior works to give you a better idea.

If you’re interested, please keep in touch. Otherwise, the ice cream truck dream prevails!


Friendly Rich


Daniel replies:

What's so hard about getting a rusted-out old ice cream truck, and converting it to a rolling opera house that it's taken you years, and you still haven't done it? People do stuff like that every day. I'll cc: this to my agent, and she will decide if we ought to talk to you.