Gaye Forren

July 6, 2007

Post #2254 – 20070706

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

I’ve long enjoyed listening to you on NPR, especially when you’re talking about the dogs in your life. My question is really more of a suggestion–there is a large animal sanctuary in Utah called Best Friends ( They have a special program called Guardian Angels which follows “special needs” animals on line as they are rehabilitated and hopefully placed for adoption. “Special needs” can be anywhere from surviving traumatic injuries, severe behavioral problems, or in the case of Loomis, losing weight. Loomis is an awesome cat, but weighs in at 25 lbs and needs to shed a few pounds in order to remain healthy. He kept gaining weight at the sanctuary, so they found a foster home for him at a local health food store. (Here’s a link to video of him). He’s now taken over as manager of the store. To help motivate him in his weight loss goals, the sanctuary is having a song writing contest to write a song for Loomis. (Link to song contest info here)

I think with your writing skills, and possibly Lulu’s background vocals, you could have a good chance at winning this song writing contest.

In any event, I think you might enjoy reading about Loomis’ adventures.

Thank you for all of the enjoyment you have brought me over the years.

Daniel replies:

We know about Best Friends, like them, support their work, send them money, and thank you for posting about them here. How does Loomis feel about this dieting business? I've known a couple of pretty fat cats.