John Bestoso

July 6, 2007

Post #2253 – 20070706

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I am writing to you as guests coordinator for Vericon ’08, Harvard University’s Science Fiction and Fantasy convention. I would like to invite you to Vericon as a guest author.

Vericon ’08 runs from January 25-27. As a guest author, we’d invite you to speak on panels alongside other guests, such as Lois Lowry — in particular, we’re having a special panel on children’s and young adult books. Other events our guests have enjoyed in the past include readings of their work (either as scheduled events or at Vericon’s informal milk and cookies night) and book signing at the Harvard Book Store. Vericon would pay for your transportation and lodging during the convention.

Members of the Vericon staff enjoy your work, and we hope you can make it to Vericon 8.


John Bestoso

Guests Coordinator, Vericon ’08

Daniel replies:

I thought about it. January is cold. Cambridge is what, at least 5 hours away. I have been on a panel before. It was stupid, anyway I was. I'd probably have fun once I was there--but I think I will stay home and write. Thanks for inviting me.