J. Mudcat Miller

March 19, 2007

Post #2188 – 20070319

I have this friend who insists I contact you about a children’s book I’ve written. “But Bird,” I protested, “he must get dozens of irritating pleas like this.” “Yes but nonetheless,” he said laconically. “And vouchsafe,” he added. Bird, by the way, wrote the immortal country song “I’m Not Trying to Drown My Sorrows, I’m Just Teaching Them to Swim” and should be on Garrison Keillor’s show every week.

So anyway, there’s this children’s book called “The Beekeeper,” which is beloved by everyone who’s read it (no kidding) and which has come SO CLOSE to being snapped up by a publisher, but not quite. So Bird suggested I write to you for guidance, solace or possibly spare Valium. And here I am. I could go on (and on) but will desist. Any help or counsel would be greatly appreciated.

J. Mudcat Miller

Daniel replies:

Dozens of irritating pleas, yes. But yours is the most irritating in a while. Best of luck with your book!