March 17, 2007

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Hi Daniel Pinkwater,

I think your books are the best in the world. I have read Five Novels, Four Novels, Once Upon a Blue Moose and Lizard Music which is my favorite of all books in the whole world. Please reply to this! Have you ever really seen a blue moose? You are the coolest guy on earth. You are lucky to have such a cool last name.

Your biggest fan, Ryan

Daniel replies:

Yes, I have seen a moose. It was in the little town of Greenville, Maine. I was putting gas in my car, and a moose walked through the gas station, between the pumps. Natually, I got all excited. ""I saw a moose! I saw a moose!"" I shouted. The old gas station guy didn't even look up from what he was doing. ""Drat!"" he said. ""Mooses coming into town this early means it will be a cold winter.""