Linden Cady

March 8, 2007

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Hello Daniel,

I am a sophomore at Oberlin College and among other things I am in a children’s lit reading club (which is remarkably also a one-credit class) in which we once a week drink tea, eat cookies and read our favorite kids’ books. It is great! This evening my contributions were The Big Orange Splot (an old favorite) and Ducks! (newly discovered on my part). I was wondering if you have ever met an honest duck, what your favorite color is, and if you have any books to recommend to our class to read in future weeks?



Daniel replies:

By me: Young Larry, At the Hotel Larry, Bongo Larry, Ice Cream Larry, Dancing Larry, Sleepover Larry, Irving and Muktuk--Two Bad Bears, Bad Bears in the Big City, Bad Bears and a Bunny, Bad Bear Detectives, Bad Bears go Visiting. You can also read my novel, The Neddiad, available a chapter a week on this very site.

By D.B. Johnson: Henry Hikes to Fitchburg, Henry Works, Henry Climbs a Mountain.

I have heard of children's book reading clubs at a number of colleges, but never before one that carried credit.