Patrick Damon Rago

March 9, 2007

Post #2173 – 20070309

Mr. Pinkwater-

I am a performer, choreographer, & dance educator at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Upon reading Dancing Larry last year, I was inspired to created a dance/theatre solo for myself embodying the ideals that I think Larry holds dear.

The piece encourages the audience to “Find Your Larry.” The person who inspires us to be who we are. Someone who gives us the space, encouragement, and patience to develop into the whole person we all strive to be.

I am writing to thank you for Larry & the inspiration to dance and invite you and Mrs. Pinkwater to a performance in May 2007 in Santa Monica, CA. The solo will be the finale of an evening of dance/theatre work on the topic of self discovery.

I’ll continue to use dance and dance education to teach young people to follow their dreams and not let the Madame Swoboda’s of the world hold them back. Dancing Larry makes it all seem easy, even when it’s not.

Alas, I must go now, the laundry will not fold itself.

Thanks again,

Patrick Rago

(my friends call me Damon….middle name)

Daniel replies:

Laundry _will_ fold itself, if you are pure of heart. Dance on!