Clare and Mary Cate

March 5, 2007

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We (Clare–6 yrs old; Mary Cate–4 yrs old) love your books about Irving and Muktuk! We think your books are funny. I (Mary Cate) like the part that they were dressed up like orphan penguins. I (Clare) liked the part that they were dressed up like Girl Scouts and collecting muffins. How old are Irving and Muktuk? How did they get to like muffins so much? Do they have a mom or a dad?

Thank you,

Clare and Mary Cate [typed by their Dad]

Daniel replies:

We don't know anything (yet) about Irving and Muktuk's parents. We do know about their pal Larry's mom, (Young Larry, published be Marshall Cavendish). We don't know how old Irving and Muktuk are, either. They just turned up. Thanks for liking our books.