February 14, 2007

Post #2159 – 20070214

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Inspired by your book “Slaves of Speigle”, I now have my heart set upon becoming a psuedo-octopusian fandango dancer, but I haven’t come across many.If you know any, please say so and I will hopefully yet faithfully check your site every day. I love your not- so -subtle humor and have read all of your books that I can find at a local public library.

I have a particular fondness for cows and wish that you would make a link (hint hint) to a site about cows that I hopefully have not gotten to, raided entirely of every single tidbit of cow information, and thendiscarded as lousy.I would like to point out that tere aren’t many, but I would be eternally grateful for your effort.


“Moe,” A hopeful psuedo- octopusian fandango dancer from the seventh extential plane of Mars and ruler of really long names

Daniel replies:

I'm pretty sure there are some psuedo-octopusian fandango dancers in Brooklyn. Also, I saw one once on the Staten Island ferry.