February 15, 2007

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Mr. Pinkwater,

My children’s favorite book was The Wuggie Norple Story. I shared our precious book with other kids when I was a substitute teacher. My oldest son took the book to his classes to share with the other students. He has used the book as an example of creative writing, in his gradutate school classes. Yes, even now as a student earning his PHD in English, he still loves Wuggie Norple. Thank you for such a fun book. I have tried to buy copies for my other two sons and have found them for sale starting at $98.00 just for the paperback version. Maybe you should republish the book!

Daniel replies:

It's hard to get a book republished. This is because you have to deal with a republisher. $98 is a lot. I bet there are copies to be had for a fraction of that. Very possibly somewhere on this website are suggestions of where to look..if not, I bet there will be when the webmaster sees this. Thanks for your kind words.

Oh, dear, this is a tough one to find. has a copy for about $50, but if you keep checking eBay, you just might find one for less. --Ed