February 12, 2007

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Dear Daniel,

For years, I have loved your readings with Scott so much, that I have run out to get many of the books, even though my son is very grown up!

Here is my question: I represent the estate of a great WPA artist, Leon Bibel. I knew Leon very well and have worked on behalf of his family for many years since his passing. I found, among his papers, an amazing manuscript of a completely illustrated story called “The Stolen Concerto”. It is breathtaking and completely ready to be turned into a book. This was done in the 30’s, so the illustrations are quite modernist. It is in stupendous color. I would love to send you some of the images and ask what kind of publisher you think would be best suited to handle such a treasure. I would be very grateful for your opinion. All the best,

Phyllis Wrynn

Daniel replies:

Oh, I can't touch something like this, fraught with potential frustration, disappointment and tragedy as it is. While it's true publishers still do sometimes take on worthwhile things....well, I wish you luck. What you want is a literary agent, or a personal friend who has a strong connection. Again, good luck.