Lars Lee

February 5, 2007

Post #2152 – 20070205

First of all, let me thank you for your wonderful writings that have been loved by me and my children alike. “The Snarkout Boys…” helped foster a great love for old theaters and old movies in my kids and “I do not feel sick” has become a stock phrase of my family.

I’m currently on a play selection committee for our area children’s theater and I was wondering what works of yours has been adapted to stage, especially for young companies. I’d love to bring a play of yours to the group for consideration.

Daniel replies:

There have been a few, but I don't know what their disposition or availability. Lifeline Theater in Chicago has done a couple. Or you might get in touch with the folks at the University of Redlands, and find out about the upcoming opera--I don't know if it's something kids could sing, but maybe. Possibly someone reading this will remember what I have forgotten or never knew.