Dave Hochman

February 1, 2007

Post #2151 – 20070201

Daniel – 20 years ago when I was about 10, I wrote to you about how I wanted to be a comic book writer, and you actually wrote me back! Anyway, a few years later we adopted a puppy, and you sent me a copy of Superpuppy! Unfortunately, “Skruffy” then bit a family member, and a decision was made to send Skruffy to the pound. I called information, got your phone number and called you in hysterics asking what to do. Your advice was that yes, in fact Skruffy should be put down, which freaked me out even more. There was a happy ending – Skruffy got given to a family member where he lived for 17 years – the only person Skruffy bit after that was a cable installer who knocked on the door then just walked in the house. Anyhoo, I’m now in my thirties and am a writer, of sorts (I work in PR) Just figured I’d drop you line. Any chance you recollect this?

Daniel replies:

Nope. Don't remember. And I doubt that I out and out opined over the phone that the dog should be put down--(at least I hope I didn't). More likely, I suggested that you talk to your veterinarian, possibly even get a trainer in your locale to assess the dog's potential and personality, and warned you to be prepared for euthanization as one possible outcome. Anyway, I'm glad Skruffy survived, and hope he didn't damage the cable installer too much.