Lisa B.

January 31, 2007

Post #2150 – 20070131

Many years ago, BC (before children), my husband and I read your delightful short story about Vampires (Wempires?) in, I think, Omni magazine.

Is it available ANYWHERE?

Because of that story, we’ve always called our son, Ian, Sonnye Boy. He doesn’t mind. We told him the story as well as we could remember it, but I would love for him to have the pleasure of reading it himself.

Daniel replies:

WEMPIRES, Macmillan, out of print, (of course), but probably to be found on ebay, or through any ethical bookfinder, such as Cattermole 20th Century Childrens' Books, and others like that. It has some nice illustrations in ink and pinkwatercolor by me!