January 30, 2007

Post #2149 – 20070130

Hilarious site you got here!

I found a clip from NPR where you talk about having dyscalculia. It sounds like you read it from a book, and I was just wondering if you could tell me what book it was?

I’m dyscalculic myself, and I run, an international discussion forum. I’m always looking for stories about dyscalculia, and if you have written about this in one of your books, well, then I just have to own it. But I’m just a poor, poor college girl – I can’t afford to buy your whole catalog to find out if those words are in one of your books. So, IF you for some reason have the time to answer me, I would be really happy.



Daniel replies:

That radio commentary is the only thing I have ever written about having dyscalcula--and I only got around to it after probably 700 such pieces over 19 years, so you can see how big a deal it is for me, and how much it affects my daily life. I see no reason why you should not have a link to the audio in the NPR archives on your website, which I will go and look at now.