Miss Mary

February 6, 2007

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Dear Mr. Pinkwater

My 9 year old son has listen to Fishwhistle on tape so many times that he as worn it out! We are on our second copy. He loves your voice and your stories. He would like to know if you could post a picture of Arnold and of Juneau.

And, I would like to thank you. My son was a reluctant reader until Fishwhistle and now, he has started to read all of your books! Books are magic, and I thank you for revealing that to my boy.


Miss Mary

Daniel replies:

Cool that your son enjoys my stuff! (I don't know if there are any digital pictures of Arnold and Juno--but I think there may be some pictures on this site of Lulu, who looks a little like both of them. If they aren't here, I know there are some, and also audio of Lulu, on the NPR site).