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October 16, 2006

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In a lunch room… There is a table that grows over populated. We run out of land, curly fries, and patience with neighboors. More and more people push us out of our land, so we resort to dramatic conclusions.

No, not war, not this time. Instead, four brave souls set out in search of new land for their country. Soon finding an empty spot very close to the lunch line, and venture to the new world.

There, they start a colony, making friends with the natives. However, are some of the colonists depriving the natives of their bountiful stocks of french fries?

It’s true.. 2 of the 4 are stealing from the natives. This could cause a war, but they seem to be ok with it..

Alas the salsa.

Daniel replies:

Is this an excerpt from the writings of Alvar Nunez Cabeza da Vaca, ""The Lunchroom?""