October 13, 2006

Post #2081 – 20061013

I have to admit. I’ve read one – and only one – of your books. I might have been ten or twelve. It was Alan Mendelsohn, Boy From Mars. And I have not read the book since then. Today, I am 36 years old, and I can still remember. I remember chili, and steamy windows, and rolls. State twenty-six. The weird chocolate-drinking people that were a humorous reference to a culture I didn’t learn about for at least another ten years.

I’m afraid to read it again. I’ve done that before and spoiled the memory for myself. I’d like to thank you, though, for writing straight to me, and kids like me. Porky, smart social exiles. Which, I imagine at this point, you were as well as a kid.

Daniel replies:

Oh, go ahead. Take a chance! What if you still like it--wouldn't that be neat? Or, you can go over to The Neddiad via the link on this very website, and give that a try.