October 28, 2006

Post #2086 – 20061028

hey is it true that you are dav pilkey?

I’m from Brasil, you can be sure I’m your biggest fan, december the new book of captain underpants will be launched here I barely can wait.

Now I’m eighteen but I read your books since I was a child, they are really funny.

It will be awesome that tippy tinkletrousers will be back, it would be awesome see dr diaper again too.

Unfortunately I don’t have the activity’s book because it was not launched here, but my friend will go to usa and will bring me both.

your books marked me a lot, i’m really a fan of yours, sorry for english mistakes, because my native tongue is portuguese.

I’ve also heard something of frankenfart, is it true about this book? how it will be?


Daniel replies:

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