Alex Aowei

September 10, 2006

Post #2066 – 20060910

Hi Mr. Pinkwater!

I had no idea this site existed until just now. I read ‘Alan Mendholson, The Boy From Mars’ when I was just a young kid and it was my favorite book, and although I am 32 now, it still remains one of my all-time favorite books.

I also write, or…channel…if you prefer, and I am writing a humorous story about a morbid goth boy from NY who visits Hawaii looking for Paradise, well there is more to it than that, but I would appreciate…and I know you must get requests like this all the time and I hope that I have not hit an annoying button with this…but I honestly would love any advice on where or who to submit this kind of story to see if I can get it published, and any other info…or like a dream…I can send it to you and you can criticize the heck out of it and I would love that! Thanks, ALex

Daniel replies:

No, not annoying at all, and it is flattering that people imagine that my advice would be worth anything--but critiquing and advising are not things I do, or ought to do. In the first place, I don't really know anything about the publishing industry and getting-published stategies--my own career has been eccentric, (surprise!), and began more or less by accident and unintentionally. What's more--and I think this may be true of most published writers--once one gets going, and a routine begins to exist, one loses touch with the lastest changes and developments, and those come quickly in the information age. As to advice about how to write good--I can do that: Have fun, write a lot, and don't take anyone else's opinion too seriously. Das ist alles.