Ann Robinson

September 9, 2006

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I had to write and tell you what I read in the paper yesterday. You can check it out yourself at

It turns out they have known about giant earthworms in eastern Washington state for over 100 years. These earthworms are three feet long, pinkish in color, smell like a lily when handled, and can spit at attackers.

I had just finished rereading The Worms of Kukumlima, and thought you might like to know that the worms did not die off as suspected, or at least there is another colony on Earth. We should all be very careful – perhaps we can do a study of them without their knowing.

In the quest of science and genetic diversity and really interesting cool stuff surviving into the future, all Daniel Pinkwater fans everywhere should write to the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service to petition them to list Driloleirus Americanus as an endangered species.

It lives in undisturbed volcanic soil(coincidence???) in eastern WA. There is not a lot of undisturbed soil out there and there is getting to be less all the time. That area is called The Palouse and it is where most lentils and split peas in the US are grown.

I thought you’d like to know!

A Fan Named Ann

Daniel replies:

See? This is the kind of reader I have. Eat your heart out, Dav, with the illiterate fans.