Spencer Swinton

September 8, 2006

Post #2063 – 20060908

Heard your rave review of “Bats at the Beach.”

Since it was you, ordered it for my grandson.

It was so good, he almost didn’t get it from me.

This raises a question,though. Many years ago, you reviewed a kid’s book about an uncle? who played the saxaphone? so beautifully that it raised listeners off their feet.

He played at a wedding, and the whole party was transported through the air over central park, and to Brooklyn,sort of a la Chagall.

I was so intrigued that I wrote his name on a scrap of paper, which suffered the same fate as most scraps of paper that assume will stil be there when I need them. However, hearing that you had a website emboldened me to try. after only 15 or 20 years. Remember the book?

Thanks muchly.

Spencer Swinton

Wilmington, NC

PS Carry on with your biofuel car.

Pretty sooun, they’ll smell pretty normal.

Thanks again

Daniel replies:

Music Over Manhattan by Mark Karlins, illustrated by Jack E. Davis, published by Doubleday. If you thought you'd like it based on the radio reading, just wait until you see the pictures! This book would almost certainly make my top 10 list, if I made lists like that. I don't know if it's still in print, but if you persist you can turn up a copy. Definitely worth the effort.