Angela Plagge

July 26, 2006

Post #2022 – 20060726

I hope that this posting is not too serious for your forum. I was a fan before I even knew that you and your wife are dog lovers (Superpuppy and Uncle Boris…). Knowing of your interest in malamutes and dog training made me think of you when I was recently exposed to a website that has huge issues with sled dog racing and the Iditarod, (I believe the site is I was wondering if you and your wife have any information or feelings about the alleged abuse of sled dogs. My first inclination is to think that this website is written by some super sensitive relatively uninformed person. I also realize that within every arena of life there are people who behave badly, sometimes very badly. I am a librarian and during the Iditarod we highlight the race. I would like to be able to continue to do so, but may not in the future depending on what I find out. I would appreciate any input that you can provide. Thank you.

Daniel replies:

I'm sure some sled dogs are abused, and some sled dogs are loved and cared for. Just like all dogs, they take their chances with humans.

We've never sledded, but we've lived with sled dogs for many years. One like Lulu, who is powerful, energetic, an independent thinker, with excellent perception and judgement, would probably make a great lead dog. But I doubt she'd work for anyone who abused her.