Nell Ryan

July 25, 2006

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Dear Mr Pinkwater,

Hi, my name is Nell and I am 10 years old. In my year 5 class we are researching ‘International Authors.’ I have chosen you. I am going to write a biography about you and in order to do this I have a few questions to ask.

1.What subjects did you study in school? Did you like it?

2.Where did you get the inspiration to become an Author?

3. Have you ever wrote any adult books? If not, why not? If so, what are they?

4. Have you ever been around the world to different countries? If not why not? If so, where to and when.

5. what books are you reading now?

6.What age groups do you reccomend your books for?

7. Apart from being on the radio, do you have any other hobbies or jobs?

8. What books did you read when you were young?

9. When did you start writing books?

Thank-you for your time. If possible could you please send a reply back as soon as possible.

From Nell Ryan.

Daniel replies:

Hello, Nell. Here are my replies to your very good questions:

1. I did not like school. For some reason I could never do math, and instead of helping me, or simply realizing there was something wrong

with my head, they hollered at me, and told me I was lazy and stupid, and would not let me take any science courses because I was an idiot.

Thus they sort of forced me in the direction of art which is a good field for idiots. However I loved college, and studied art there.

2. I liked typing. I liked to read. I liked, and like, putting sentences together. And I liked to write. But I didn't want to be an author. Everyone I knew thought I should be one. I resisted. But, I became one. Everybody was right.

3. I have written some stuff for adults, 3 or 4 books, and probably close to 1,000 articles and essays and reviews. I prefer writing for children because they are better readers.

4. Europe, Africa, Asia, at different times. Africa was my favorite continent.

5. I am not reading anything now. I find it distracting to read when I am writing, and I am writing.

6. I recommend my books for persons of every age. Some very young kids read my novels, and some adults read my picture books.

7. I am a very good dog trainer.

8. Books by Jules Verne, Alexandre Dumas, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens. Among others.

9. I started writing actual books, to be printed and read by people I never met, in 1969.