Russell Roberts

July 24, 2006

Post #2019 – 20060724

Daniel, A friend of mine had her family dog put down this evening, the proverbial last trip to the vet. My friend was there with her two adult children, 18 and 21. It was profoundly sad in many ways, not least because the dog was a clear link to the good old days of childhood and family times. Hearing of their loss, and knowing their bond to their dear pet, I remembered hearing you read a story about a dog who would not succumb to the fatal medication until the master released him. Please post where that story, whether audio or in print, might be found. Thank you.

Daniel replies:

You're referring to the story of my dog, Anold. It can be found in the book Hoboken Fish and Chicago Whistle, from Xlibris, or on CD from the webmaster of this very website.