Robin Koontz

July 26, 2006

Post #2021 – 20060726

Hi again!

I’m following up on our friend Derri/y and books – Burl (Mom) picked her out of Annie’s small herd of Icelandic mares in WV… or Derri picked her which is more likely as you know. My recollection is that she named her Derri for derriere because she had such a lovely rear end! They both looked good from behind 🙂

I’m delighted to send you my pop-up books and hope you enjoy them! However I haven’t figured out how to get them to you as I managed to lose your address. Do we send c/o NPR? My publishing contact is unsure. Thanks much!

Daniel replies:

Have your publisher send (at their expense, not yours!) to me.

You realize of course that a pop-up book is the least likely possible candidate for a radio review. Derry (or Derri) was callipygeous right to the end.