Sallie Lowenstein

August 6, 2006

Post #2024 – 20060806

Not much, I suppose. I stumbled on your delightful (and amusing) website not exactly by chance. I frequently listen to, and thoroughly enjoy, your reviews on NPR and had thought to see if I could send you a copy of my new picture book, but on reading messages to you and your messages back and other messages on the site, I decided just to write and tell you that your books are still some of my children’s favorites (and mine). My children are now 25 and 23 and still love your books for the free flowing imagination and the humor and all the good things children’s books should be made of and only sometimes are. My daughter and I still chuckle over The Fat Men from Outer Space and the accompanying picture of you, on the flap, dressed in the same checkered/plaid suit as the fat men wore. My son still recommends your books to his younger cousins, although he is pursuing a serious academic career in Modern European Diplomatic History. And I, who work with many children myself, tell them all, even when they are in high school (and sometimes when they are grownups) that if they have missed your books, they must read them! Such humor and imagination is too good to be missed by anyone.

So having said all this, I am delighted to hear you are releasing a new book! I look forward to it with delight.

Sallie Lowenstein

Daniel replies:

Thanks very much for your courteous and flattering remarks. As for your picture book, go ahead and have your publisher send a review copy, (at their expense--not yours), and take a chance with everyone else. I am author-blind, and publisher-blind, but not illustrator-blind, that would be silly, and I pick what is good, and will work on the program.