John Whitmore III

August 10, 2006

Post #2025 – 20060810

I read with dismay that the fine hamlet of Hoboken has had an altercation with a robotic parking machine (,71554-0.html?tw=rss.index) and was struck with the thought: … but this is HOBOKEN! They don’t need software for a robot to move cars about, they HAVE A LARGE CHICKEN!

Friends assure me that the matter has already been brought to your attention, so just consider this a confirming report.

Daniel replies:

I used to keep my car in a garage in Hoboken. It was under a building, had a downward ramp to enter--and you can see a quick shot of it in On the Waterfront, when the car carrying Rod Steiger to be murdered by the mobsters goes down that ramp. There was the owner, called--but not to his face--The Gorilla, and his employee, or maybe his son, known as The Kid. I don't know if they had a name for me, but they called a friend of mine Hollywood or Wolfspit. The Kid was as close to an owner as the famous dog, Jolly Roger, had. No chickens or robots were involved.