Jacqueline K. Ogburn

May 28, 2005

Post #1972 – 20050528

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

You read an abridged verison of my book The Bake Shop Ghost on NPR in November. I listened to it on a portable radio standing in a public park while my 11-year-old daughter ran her first 5K run in freezing weather. It was an amazing experience. You did a lovely job of abridgment. I considered sending you the cake from the book, but respect your resolve in abstaining from such things.

The broadcast had it’s usual stellar impact on sales, but it also had another result that I thought you would appreciate knowing, given your affection for Mozart. I was contacted through my website by a composer in Iowa about turning the story into an opera. After much discussion, it has turned into a muscial theater production, and will be staged in June 2007 at the Maud Powell Musical Festival in LaSalle, Illinois. I am writing the libretto and lyrics. I owe this adventure to you and I thank you for it.


Jacqueline K. Ogburn

Daniel replies:

The lovely job of abridging should be credited to NPR producer Sara Beyer Kelly, who is responsible for all those pieces sounding as well as they do. The reading, drooling, and expressions of sincere appreciation were by Mr. Simon and myself. Congratulations on the musical stage adaptation! I know what fun that can be, as I too am looking forward to the debut of an opera based on a book of mine, with libretto by the author, (Blue Moose), also in 2007! I hope your theatrical success won't distract you too much from producing more wonderful picture books.